Awesome Custom Golf Carts You Dont Want to Miss! – Art In The News

Most likely, you’ve encountered your fair share of golf carts in the past year. These carts are available with a range of colours and are simple to move between holes in the golf course. They can be customized by a crowd. They will do whatever for the sake of art, from upgrading their engines, or even redesigning the exterior. This video showcases some of the coolest and original design concepts for golf carts.

Many of these creators sell golf carts, others are simply doing custom golf cart projects just for the fun of it. Like you can see, there are many ways of make a cart from a garage into an impressive luxury car. Many artists transform their golf carts into classic cars (or hot rods). This includes installing a whole new roof, applying decals and paint and then upholstering the seats using new materials. The artists you admire, you need to stop!