Find Online News with Social Bookmarking

If you are looking for live breaking news online or other internet news, social bookmarking sites can help you find new news providers and information on specific incidents. Social bookmarking sites are something like an advanced Pinterest. Instead of just sharing images of very specific items that link to the source material, social bookmarking sites allow you to craft entire articles with text, images, and other content that link to the source site with the content that they describe. Anything that can be shared, described, or promoted on social media can be done in greater detail on a social bookmarking site.

As the internet has grown, the amount of news sites, especially for niche interests and local news, have exploded. Social bookmarking sites can help communities develop around different interests, including live online news for general or specific interests and facilitate the sharing of information based thereon. There are so many small online news sites, for both live news and general news, that social bookmarking and other social media sites for sharing information and opinions can help you find the sites that you like most and are the most reliable and relevant to your personal interests.

Online breaking news allows you to follow updates as they happen and stay as current as humanly possible on news developments. Social bookmarking can facilitate the process, much in the same way that live tweets and other social media allow instantaneous updates and information sharing for online news sources. Unlike Twitter and similar forms of sharing information, social bookmarking provides more detail for users than a short burst of text, which is especially useful for news. Social bookmarking is the next step in the evolution of social media and instant information sharing, and it applies to online news as much as it does to any shared social media.