How 50,000 Scammers Were Identified – How Old Is the Internet

India. They invented all sorts of clever devices to prank them into believing they were fraudulent individuals. But, there’s a particularly interesting aspect of the clip. It was estimated that 50,000 scammers were discovered through a massive group chat. The video will show how scammers were identified and the bail bonding services that will be needed.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app. WhatsApp is a well-known messaging app that’s available in several countries. Also, the app offers groups chats. It is also used by scammers in India by many scammers for communication. Rober and his friends had the ability to enter the group chat fairly easily. The group chat was now open and able to read all the messages that were sent between the fraudsters. They even found out that scammers knew that Rober’s friends were from India. The two were already sharing warnings to each other. They weren’t aware that they were already being infiltrated. It was already too late when they realized this. Every single one of the 50,000 contacts had been downloaded and sent directly to the FBI for an investigation.