How Diamonds are Graded – Tech Talk Radio Show

world. The price of a diamond is influenced by a range of various factors. We will discuss the process of grading diamonds in this post.

When diamonds undergo grading, the first thing that is considered is hue. The diamond that is less colored is classified lower. The diamond is studied under microscope by a trained professional who will then compare the color of the diamond with that of other hues.

Following the color test, then it’s time to examine the quality of the diamond. More clear diamonds are an upgrade in quality. When a diamond is clear it means that there aren’t any inclusions which are visible in the diamond.

Cut is another aspect that needs to be checked on. There are five different grades that a diamond can receive when it will be checked. Cut of the diamond can influence the sparkle that the diamond has. A machine is used to record the diamond’s image at 360 degrees in order to be sure that the whole stone is checked.

These are the three crucial aspects that must be taken into consideration while a diamond is evaluated.