How Does Oil Delivery Work? – Awkward Family Photos

In order to make sure that the oil supply is constantly topped to ensure that the fuel supply is always filled. This video shows how one oil delivery man is able to refill a house’s oil supply so that they can heat their homes.

A computer is kept in the vehicle by the driver to ensure they will be able to track every customer. The driver can also connect to the office at home should there be any problems. This can be a valuable tool to save time in searching to find the ideal home.

The driver arrives at home and uses the computer to note that they’ve completed the delivery. After that, the driver must transfer to the rear of their truck before heading into the station for meters. The gauge for measuring fuel in your home is found. After taking off his gloves and a rag, the technician grabs an oil rag and then attaches the nozzle to it for fueling.

The rag goes on the ground to prevent any damage from oil dripping across the lawn. The driver plugs in to the pipe, and then turns the pump slowly. It continues until the home is fully refueled and then the driver has finished! This video provides additional details.