How to Prep for Tummy Tuck Doctors – Healthy Balanced Diet

It is essential to listen to the surgeons who perform tummy tucks and medical experts you work with.

It’s important to inform your physician about all medications that you take. Certain medicines can trigger complications, which is why you could require adjusting your schedule a bit to accommodate the surgery. Do not take medications that reduce blood flow, such as aspirin, due to the possibility of excessive bleeding or bruising.

It is suggested that smokers cut down on smoking within the week before surgery. This can help ensure that your cardiovascular and lung function important when going through a complicated procedure that involves tummy tucks.

After surgery it is necessary to drink lots of fluids. Drinks that include electrolytes, like Gatorade and Gatorade, are a good option. You’ll need to eat meals that contain protein the prior to bedtime. Day of the day, people are generally advised not to eat or drink anything as it may cause complications.