Implicit Bias Exercises You Should Practice – Reference

In the media and also in day-to-day in everyday. The research has shown that each human is influenced by biases. If your biases impact your business decision-making, they can affect how you interact with others. Here are some methods to train yourself against implicit bias that you must know about:

It’s unintentional. It’s just an unconscious emotion we have towards specific individuals. In some cases, it can cause us to generalize the behavior of certain persons without recognizing it.

There are many exercises for you to try out if encounter this circumstance. The first one is the game of tag. The participants will learn about their own biases and what they’ve done to their lives (either positively or negatively).
The trust circle is yet another great exercise. This non-confrontational exercise is a good foundation for discussions on the best way to build specific relationships among participants.

It is also possible to try your hand at the Implicit Association Test (IAT). This tried-and-true technique will allow the user to gain a greater awareness of the biases you have. The trusted 10 is another exercise. In the case of implicit bias solutions it helps participants think in an environment that is safe.

The bias exercises are performed differently with their own policies and guidelines. You will be able to discover your strengths and start to work on them towards the conclusion. 9ih4yy956h.