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What is the purpose of land surveying?” This will explain how it works. Learn more about this process!
Details about Land Surveying

It’s the first step in every civil engineering undertaking. It is the first step to determine the boundaries of a parcel as well as the infrastructure that is already there, and the kind of property they’ll need to work with.

Every major structure constructed throughout history needed land surveying from the beginning. So, the process dates back to just about the beginning of human history.

The surveying method is how topographers from the past crafted the maps that we have now. The Great Trigonometrical Survey of India is a wonderful example for this. It took almost 70 years.

One of the most crucial tools in surveying is a theodolite which determines how far two angles are. After that, engineers identify the exact location of these points by using trigonometry. The latest theodolites are known as total stations, and they have built-in computers which record and analyze everything quickly.

There may have been technicians from a land surveying firm looking through a strange-looking telescope. This is a complete station! This is an intriguing process and isn’t as frightening. The facts mentioned above aren’t new.