Neighbors Fight Crime and Steal Their Vehicle Back Todays Entertainment News

>Crime is a problem in many communities. Even communities with gates are not safe. In this video we will show you how a few homeowners took matters to their own.

The homeowner appeared on news to talk about crime in his community and what he had done to stop it. He claimed that he had been the victim of approximately 12 burglaries within the gated community. Many have tried to steal bicycles and other valuables. Other have vandalized and spray-painted security cameras. Criminals even took the car of an old woman. It was over.

When they discovered that their vehicle had been taken from a nearby RV park two homeowners created the group of homeowners to come some ideas. The homeowners drove to the campground and were able to take the vehicle back when nobody was present. This was a dangerous move that worked out in the at the end. The police were able to deliver the vehicle to the lady. It is better to call the police instead of not. The park is also notorious for drug trafficking as well as other crimes. They will need a good bail bonding agency in the event of their arrest.