Stone Mason Tips and Tricks – Discovery Videos

Someone who cuts, preps and makes stones to be used in constructions and walls. There are a variety of tricks for making your way through the process of building a stone. The YouTube clip “Wall Building tips from Michael Fearnhead, a stone mason Michael Fearnhead,” gives an overview of some helpful stone mason techniques and suggestions.

It is recommended to place the big stones in the middle or at the center when you build walls made of stone. It is important to fill every gap and place your stones in. Make use of a through stone in order to hold the walls together. A through stone is a piece of stone at an angle parallel to the surface of walls and whose size is the same as the width that the wall.

In order to stop the wall from moving to stop it from moving, you can use a Corp installer. Connect every joint, then make sure your stones are in alignment. Stones should be aligned and solid. It should not shake. Make use of small hammers to shape the stones. A piece of string could be helpful to guide you. Be sure to carry this.