The Most Common Types of Auto Collisions – How Old Is the Internet

There are a variety of things you can take care of to prevent certain kinds of accidents. Read on to learn details about three of the frequent types of car collisions as well as what you can do to avoid them.

#1 – Left turn with the green arrow. Sometimes left-turn arrows can be solid circle of green, or even solid green or arrows. The person who has an arrow has right of way, meaning when you’ve got a circle or arrow, you must give the right of direction.

#2 – Pedestrians and Bikers traveling against traffic. If you’re making turns, we are more concerned about cars driving by, but we often do not pay attention to cyclists or pedestrians. To ensure that pedestrians and bicyclists, they are often stuck in traffic.

#3 – People who try to get ahead of light signals. T-bone collisions are caused by drivers who drive at intersections when there’s no yellow or red signal. To reduce the risk of this happening, make sure that the intersection is cleared before you enter the intersection even though you’re allowed to go through.

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