Want to Text Without Paying Anything? Try the First Free Smart Phone

This week, the government shut down in spite of heavy protest from citizens and officials alike. The impact was immediately felt in our lives, whether it forced us out of work as government employees, barred us from entering National Parks, or accessing government controlled information. There are many events going on right now that could have a real impact on your everyday life. Here are three live breaking news stories you should be aware of.

1. One of the First Free Smart Phones

How would you like to use a phone for free? If you’re okay with a two year old Android phone, mobile provider FreedomPop will offer you 500MB of data, 200 voice minutes, and 500 text messages for free each month, as a lifelong guarantee. According to live online news, they offer additional low cost services, such as 2.5 cents for each additional MB. Currently, there is only one phone available with the plan. While the offer might not appeal to users who go through a lot of data, for many people it will be a real bargain.

2. Seniors Facing Scams as the Key Provisions of Obamacare Kick In

Medicare has long been the focus of scam artists. Its many parts and huge size often make it difficult to track where money is going. Seniors are also often more vulnerable targets, as age and disability make them more dependent on others. Last year, the U.S. discovered $44 billion in improper payments. According to online breaking news, many seniors believe the worst myths about the law, making them more likely to fall for false pitches. Outreach is now underway in order to help sign up seniors for legitimate coverage. A simple message to keep in mind? Seniors can ignore the exchanges. It is illegal for insurers to sell a policy to anyone on Medicare.

3. New Drug for Breast Cancer

A new anti-cancer drug, Perjeta, has been approved by the FDA for treating early stage breast cancer. The drug is intended for people with HER-2 positive breast cancer, in which cancer cells are fueled by increasing amounts of certain proteins. The drug is intended to be used in combination with chemotherapy, as treatment before surgery.

What updates have you caught via live online news?