What You Should Know Before Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner – CharmsVille

selecting a location for your rehearsal dinner to deciding what type of menu you’ll offer the dinner you’ll be serving is a big deal! As you start planning the menu, here are some things to know.

Your guest list is the first thing to think about. Dinner rehearsals are typically enjoyed by all the guests of the wedding party, as the other people who will attend the wedding ceremony. It is an opportunity for your wedding guests to get to know each the other. If possible, you might also want to invite the couples who will be attending your wedding. You can choose who to invite, but bear in mind that everyone who is involved in the dinner and ceremony will require attendance at this occasion.

You should also choose the perfect location. Some things to think about are proximity to the wedding venue, travel time for your guests and accommodations for overnight stays if applicable. Your venue should be in an area that’s accessible for you and the wedding guests to travel to from the wedding venue.