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Get Late-breaking News Via Twitter

It used to be that you got breaking news in front of the television set or on the radio in your car. But with readily accessible online news, how we get information has also changed rather dramatically. If you’re looking for live breaking news online, here are some reasons why you should consider Twitter.

Ideal for Mobile Users

Twitter may in fact be the best medium for receiving news as soon as it happens, in part because it is ideal for sending and receiving news updates while on the go. In fact, three out of four Twitter users each month–roughly 173 million people in all–access their accounts via mobile devices, according to 2013 statistics published by

Headlines, Short and Sweet

Further more the paradigm of Twitter itself is tailor-made for headlines, because tweets can be no longer than 140 characters. In many cases, when a publication, organization, or individual wants to report a new piece of information, their tweets Continue reading…

Want to Text Without Paying Anything? Try the First Free Smart Phone

This week, the government shut down in spite of heavy protest from citizens and officials alike. The impact was immediately felt in our lives, whether it forced us out of work as government employees, barred us from entering National Parks, or accessing government controlled information. There are many events going on right now that could have a real impact on your everyday life. Here are three live breaking news stories you should be aware of.

1. One of the First Free Smart Phones

How would you like to use a phone for free? If you’re okay with a two year old Android phone, mobile provider FreedomPop will offer you 500MB of data, 200 voice minutes, and 500 text messages for free each month, as a lifelong guarantee. According to live online news, they offer additional low cost services, such as 2.5 cents for each additional MB. Currently, there is only one phone available with the plan. While the offer might not appeal to users who go through a lot of data, for many Continue reading…

Three of the Best Places to Find Online Breaking News

According to Pew Research, 50% of Americans get their news online. That tops both radio and print as sources of breakings news that affects the world. Even with this increased reliance on the web, this increased sense of dependability that people feel online news source offer, the fact of the matter is that not all online breaking news sources are created equal. Whether you like to stay informed or you just want to be able to have an intelligent conversation with your friends, here are three great sources of online breaking news.

  • BBC News
  • %3Cbr%3E

    The British Broadcasting Corporation was formed in the last few decades of the British Empire. The BBC, brought to life in 1922, was able to take full advantage of the United Kingdom’s reach and, subsequently, was able to set up outlets all across the world. According to the BBC, they are now listened to in over 200 countries by approximately 300 million households.

    Because of its past, the BBC is able t Continue reading…

Breaking News Videos on Oklahoma Tornados

By having the chance to watch a live breaking news online video people can begin to feel how real the situation that they are seeing is. By watching a live breaking news video people will feel as though they were there during the news story and they are being constantly updated. Being able to keep up with breaking news videos is helpful to viewers because they are usually getting the most up to date information that can come with video breaking news.

When you decide to seek out current events live online news is easier and faster to get. By getting the visual along with the news report people are able to better understand the news stories they are seeing. When people are watching a video breaking news becomes that much more serious to them.

When big news events happen, people like to get as much information on video as possible. By watching a video breaking news becomes more real when people can visually understand what their country is going through.

Lately Tornado Alley has been acting up and there have been a lot of tragedies coming out of that area. For people who want to get a vivid idea of what has been going on, watching breaking news videos can be very helpful. Some of the most recent Tornados that have been tracked in Oklahoma have been upgraded to an EF 5 by the National Weather Service. One of the dangerous twisters was over two miles long. People are going to be curious about more information pertaining to these tornados and watch online videos will make it much easier to see and understand.